Shimoku docs


Needless to say Data Apps and in particular AI Apps are emerging as one of the most promising trends in the Data industry. With Shimoku a data specialist can create Data Apps and AI Apps that can support a whole business model. Data Apps that can be shared with clients, providers and internally. Data Apps you may charge for because they are built with the latest web technologies:
  • Progressive Web App
  • React
  • Data Lakehouse
. The beauty of it is that you can build those apps without worrying about the back-end or the front-end DevOps just putting your efforts into data.
Shimoku Data App Creator is structured as a tree:
  • Universe. where every admin user rules a universe and can create an unlimited number of Data Apps for an unlimited number of businesses.
  • Every Universe has many Businesses. Where a Business is a Data App for a specific account (business) containing its specific data.
  • Every Business has one or many Apps. Where a Suite is a set of pages that belong to a certain category from a UX point of view.
  • Every Suite has one or many Paths. Where a Path is every page that will contain data.
  • Every Path contains a set of containers called Reports organized as a grid.