Updating the Menu Path

Accesing Menu Options

Menu paths provide various options that can be accessed through the command:

> shimoku cloud update menu-paths
Update the properties of a menu path

Possible arguments to update the menu path:
  --hide-title               (true/false) Hide the title of the menu path
  --hide-path                (true/false) Hide the path of the menu path
  --show-breadcrumb          (true/false) Show the breadcrumb of the menu path
  --show-history-navigation  (true/false) Show the history navigation of the menu path
  --menu-path                Name or id of the menu path
  --new-name                 New name for the menu path
  --order                    New order for the menu path

Hidden Menu Paths

Exists the option to hide a menu path so that it doesn't appear in the side bar. This is useful when developing drill-down pages. Later, these pages can be referenced by another element in the board.

A hidden path app can bre created and linked wit a button:

We get the following result after clicking on it:

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