The Line Chart

Suppose you have continuous data that you would like to represent through a chart. A line chart is a good option. The line chart is especially effective when trying to identify a trend or pattern in your data.

The Method To Use

The method is s.plt.line().

It must contain the following input variables:

x: str
order: int
data: Union[str, DataFrame, List[Dict]]

Accepts the following input variables as optional:

y: Optional[List[str]]
x_axis_name: Optional[str]
y_axis_name: Optional[str]
title: Optional[str]
rows_size: Optional[int]
cols_size: Optional[int]
padding: Optional[List[int]]
show_values: Optional[List[str]]
option_modifications: Optional[Dict]
variant: Optional[str]


1. Default Configuration

If the code runs with data, menu_path and axes configured as this:

data = [
    {'date':, 1, 1), 'x': 5, 'y': 3},
    {'date':, 1, 2), 'x': 5, 'y': 7},
    {'date':, 1, 3), 'x': 4, 'y': 5},
    {'date':, 1, 4), 'x': 7, 'y': 6},
    {'date':, 1, 5), 'x': 3, 'y': 5},

    data=data, order=0, x='date',
    rows_size=2, cols_size=12,

2. Customization And Context

It is possible to personalize the title of the chart, adding data points, name for each axis, the legend, size and space occupied. One example could be obtained using:

data = [
    {'date':, 1, 1), 'new': 4, 'vac': 5},
    {'date':, 1, 2), 'new': 7, 'vac': 6},
    {'date':, 1, 3), 'new': 4, 'vac': 7},
    {'date':, 1, 4), 'new': 9, 'vac': 8},
    {'date':, 1, 5), 'new': 3, 'vac': 9},
    {'date':, 1, 6), 'new': 6, 'vac': 2},

    data=data, x='date', order=0,
    rows_size=2, cols_size=9, padding='0,0,0,2',
    title='Positive Results in the first six days - January',
    option_modifications={'dataZoom': {'show': True}, 'toolbox': {'show': True}},


By setting the parameter variant to the following values the appearance of the chart can be changed:

Interesting Usages

  • Tracking trends over time: Line charts are ideal for tracking trends over time. For example, you could use a line chart to show how the stock price of a particular company has changed over the years.

  • Comparing data: Line charts can also be used to compare a variable in different environments. For example, you could use a line chart to show how the temperature evolves in different cities.

Changing the Menu Path The menu_path can be modified.

Using the Grid

It is possible to use any number of rows.

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