Indicators with Header

This chart uses the Bento box to join an html header component with a group of indicators.

The Method To Use

The method is s.plt.indicators_with_header()

It must contain the following input variables:

order: int 
# List of groups of indicators, each one of them will be used as the input
# of an indicators function call
indicators_groups: List[Union[pd.DataFrame, List[Dict]]]
# Header configuration
title: str

Accepts the following input variables as optional:

# The parameters that will be passed to the indicators calls
indicators_parameters: Optional[dict] = None
subtitle: str = ''
background_color: str = 'var(--color-primary)'
text_color: str = 'var(--background-paper)'
icon_url: str = '' 
cols_size: int = 12

Because it is using multiple indicators the function will return the next available order


With this example it can be seen how to use the function with parameters for the indicator

indicators_groups = [
            "description": "% of times the algorithm has predicted the relative position of NY prices with respect to HK prices correctly",
            "title": "Accuracy",
            "value": "76.67%",
            "align": "left",
            "color": "success",
            "variant": "contained"
            "description": "Total of successes predictions",
            "title": "True",
            "value": "154",
            "align": "left",
            "color": "success"
            "description": "Total of Failed predictions",
            "title": "False",
            "value": "22",
            "align": "left",
            "color": "error",
            "description": "Return of investment",
            "title": "ROI",
            "value": "1.5M",
            "align": "left",
            "color": "",

    order=0, title='Accuracy', subtitle='Cross-listed trading suite',

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