On 2022.05.22

This version has been deprecated. If used with the current API version it can produce unexpected behaviour or errors.

The package shimoku-api-python is no longer maintained

To get the new version 🚀

pip install --upgrade shimoku-api-python

This new version looks poor in advances but is key for further cornerstone features that are coming in the following versions


  • Solved the error that happend under certain conditions

    File "/home/arm/Documents/shimoku/shimoku-api-python/tests/test_cond_form_indicator.py", line 90, in <module>
      File "/home/arm/Documents/shimoku/shimoku-api-python/tests/test_cond_form_indicator.py", line 45, in test_indicator_cond_form
        app_id = app['id']
    KeyError: 'id'


  • Now the API allows admin business users that can thereby use the SDK with permits for a single specific business.

  • An App can be created without an AppType associated

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