The package shimoku-api-python is no longer maintained

To get the new version 🚀

pip install --upgrade shimoku-api-python

This version is a massive update which changes the interface and functionalities to have a more intuitive and performant SDK.


  • All charts are based on the same method as free-echarts, making them have a very similar style, and all of them use data sets.

  • The free-echarts solution has more possibilities and has a more explicit use.

  • State based hierarchical code definition, entering and exiting contexts easily to generate the desired components.

  • Easier use of Tabs, Modals and Bentoboxes.

  • Tables have been updated to use data sets.

  • Charts can use shared data sets, N reports -> 1 data set.

  • All the modules use the same interface for referencing resources, a uuid can be passed or a name if possible.

  • Caching used resources to minimize API calls.

  • Caching can be disabled and enabled.

  • Lazy loading of resources (only retrieving resources when needed) to minimize API calls.

  • Capacity to reuse resources when possible.

  • Clearer output for verbosity options.

  • Renaming of resources to clearer names for intuitive use:

    • Business -> Workspace

    • Dashboard -> Board

    • App -> Menu path

    • Path -> Sub-path

    • Report -> Component

Removed Functionalities

  • Filters have been removed as the behavior is very similar to tabs, in next versions a filter that is applied to data sets will be added.

  • Local aggregation of data has been removed as it does not fit well with all solutions with the current data sets.

All the documentation has been updated to reflect the changes.

This is a breaking version change, it is not recomended to change frequently between previous versions and this one, as they work differently in a fundamental level, some functionalitites might not work or break.

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