History navigation & Breadcrumb

Menu paths have a lot of options that can be accessed through the command:

> shimoku cloud update menu-paths
Update the properties of a menu path

Possible arguments to update the menu path:
  --hide-title               (true/false) Hide the title of the menu path
  --hide-path                (true/false) Hide the path of the menu path
  --show-breadcrumb          (true/false) Show the breadcrumb of the menu path
  --show-history-navigation  (true/false) Show the history navigation of the menu path
  --menu-path                Name or id of the menu path
  --new-name                 New name for the menu path
  --order                    New order for the menu path

They will tell you your current path above in the page. To use them you just have to call the update function setting the parameter show_breadcrumb to True.

History Navigation

His activates two arrows that let you go to previously visited pages. It's activated and deactivated the same way as the breadcrumbs, setting the parameter show_history_navigation to True when calling the menu path update function.

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