To get the new version ✨

pip install shimoku

With this version we have changed the responsibilities of the different modules that compose the SDK as well as added a new module, the Command Line Interface(CLI)! This means that some functionalities have shifted location, make sure to check the changes in the documentation.


  • The name of the package has been changed from shimoku-api-python to shimoku.

    This will be reflected in the new scripts as the users will no longer be importing the former package name, the recommended new way to import it is:

    from shimoku import Client

  • The inner workings of the SDK have been separated further in order to respect the responsibilities of each module.

    • The playground no longer gets initialized automatically, it needs the user to use the new CLI command.

    • The code generation functionalities are no longer accessible from the client object, the user needs to use the commands provided in the persist module from the CLI.

  • A CLI has been added to ensure full access to the functionalities of the SDK.

Changes in the documentation can be seen here:

pageInstallation & SetuppageShimoku CloudpageCLIpageMenupageColors UsagepageHistory navigation & BreadcrumbpageCode Generation

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