An HTML component is used for inserting images, messages, links and texts on the page, to help document business processes or applications.

Note we have launched a specific library for this components

The library is installed automatically with the latest version of the SDK.

They are used in the same way as before, when called they provide the necessary html code to call s.plt.html().

So now we can use the html components without needing to import the additional library:

        title='HTML example',
        line='integrated in the SDK',

WARNING for the html methods avoid special symbols such as (, ), [, ] and similar because it could break the look&feel

Thanks to it, it is possible to group HTML elements, components and many charts on a page, like this:

It is possible to use any number of rows.

Changing the Menu Path The menu_path can be modified.

Using the Grid

It is possible to use any number of rows.

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