On 2023.03.07

This version has been deprecated. If used with the current API version it can produce unexpected behaviour or errors.

The package shimoku-api-python is no longer maintained

To get the new version 🚀

pip install --upgrade shimoku-api-python

This version contains fixes for several bugs that were present in the previous versions. Additionally, the new version makes it easier to use the activities module.


  • Fixed Bentobox row sizes to work correctly with the grid and updated specific numbers for composite charts that use the Bentobox accordingly.

  • Solved issue with initializing multiple clients, now it's prepared to initiate multiple clients in one run. Each client has its own context of execution in the task pool, so they can be used normally. However, there may be some problems if multiple clients are being used in the same app.

  • Stacked barchart and other charts based on the free echarts method, have been fixed so that the x column doesn't need to be in the first column position of the data.


  • Activities and apps in the activities module can now be referenced by UUID. The parameters of the methods of the activities module now accept the activity_id and the app_id to reference them. They can still be referenced by name, but one of the two fields must be provided.

  • Activities can now have their own settings. There are now two levels of settings: one for Runs and another for Activities. This can be used in the way that fits the user's needs, for example, the activities settings can be used as default settings for Runs, but this is not imposed by the SDK nor by the API.

    The following example illustrates how to use the settings of an activity:

    activity_id = s.activity.create_activity(menu_path=menu_path, activity_name=activity_name)['id']
    settings = {'name': 'test1', 'value': 'test1'}
    s.activity.update_activity(menu_path=menu_path, activity_name=activity_name, settings=settings)
    activity = s.activity.get_activity(menu_path=menu_path, activity_id=new_activity_id)
    assert settings == activity['settings'] 

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