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Beautiful titles

Creates text in two levels to comment and separate themes.
WARNING avoid special symbols such as (, ), [, ] and similar in the texts of this component because it could break the look&feel
This component is used to highlight text.
The input variables are:
title: str
subtitle: str
Example of use:
# create the beautiful title component
text_h1_title = create_h1_title(title='Easy-to-use AI',
subtitle='Build a model to predict probabilities!'
text_h1_title, menu_path='new-html',
order=1, rows_size=2, cols_size=12,
The result is:
Use text to highlight topics on your results page and separate themes.
It can be resized and positioned with the use of padding:
text_h1_title = create_h1_title(title='Easy-to-use AI',
subtitle='Artificial Intelligence Tools'
text_h1_title, menu_path='new-html1a',
order=1, rows_size=2, cols_size=4,
You can use to display longer text than 'Artificial Intelligence Tools', note the use of padding='0,0,0,8' to position the component.
More on how to use the Grid.

Video demonstration