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What is Shimoku?

We allow you to build Data Products in hours & also allow you to create Predictive Analytics Products with Artificial Intelligence capabilities.
Google says that nowadays between 40% and 50% of the world companies want to share data with their clients and providers. In the software and automation era this data sharing could and must be done with responsive progressive web apps that allow an unlimited number of users.
Moreover, companies are no longer interested in what happened, but in how their KPI and trends will evolve the following days and weeks: to know what will happen has become far more relevant than to know what happened.
Imagine building a Data App such as Google Analytics in hours rather than months: no Back-end, no Front-end no DevOps required. Imagine to add predictive suites to your Data App in minutes to morph it into an AI App. Imagine to deliver to your customers AI Apps that a single junior coder can build, iterate and maintain.
This is Shimoku


Creating Data Apps requires a whole full stack team of Data and IT.
  1. 1.
    Shimoku makes it simple for Data people so that they can create Data Apps much faster without IT requirements.
  2. 2.
    Shimoku reduces the workload of IT teams which tends to be the bottleneck of digital businesses while creating new products and value for your clients.
This is because a normal flow such as:
Schema without Shimoku
Is converted in the following:
Hence, a whole IT FullStack team is replaced by Shimoku